Maybe you recognized or maybe you didn’t realize that I was missing from Facebook (again) last week after I talked about some bigot’s “maw maw and paw paw”. No, seriously, here’s the comment that put me in Facebook Jail:

31CC9A04-F3F8-4245-A60D-F789F44C15F0I know, ridiculous. It’s shameful which of us get censored when racists, misogynists and bigots are allowed to spew actual harmful rhetoric daily with no consequences.

Anywho, I wanted to comment so badly on so many posts but could only scroll through them while I watched people go unchallenged. Here are five things that got my attention last week:

1. Beyoncé’s eye rolling, bothered video at the NBA Playoffs. You know, I think her frustration was misdirected. She didn’t care that that whylady was talking to Jay-Z. She seemed bothered that that whylady was invading all her space. Whypipo, sometimes y’all tend to get too close to us. In the check out line, at networking functions, when talking to us. Back up. Give us some space. And please, don’t touch our damn hair. That lady touched Beyoncé on top of invading her space. The Bey-hive were ridiculous but that lady irked the hell out of me and I wasn’t even there.

2. Cuba. That damn orange PoS is doing anything he can to overturn anything President Obama accomplished. He doesn’t care that what he’s doing is straining relationships all over this world.

Listen. You can still go to Cuba. You should have never planned to take a cruise there anyway. It’s just not the same. You can’t cruise to Cuba and truly experience Cuba. Trust me, I’ve been twice. Also, going with a travel group just seems touristy and chaotic. Go solo or with your closest friends. It has always been easier to just fly there and stay at an Airbnb. Planning a trip to Cuba is still possible and affordable. But do it now before the orange asshat removes all categories for travel.

3. The Dominican Republic. If you’ve been following me, I’ve posted for years how the DR doesn’t deserve our dollars. It has nothing to do with missing or murdered Americans but more to do with Haiti and the treatment of their people, even though they share an island. I firmly believe you should go wherever you want, including the DR, but, if your eagerness to travel to the DR is because of affordability and desire to visit a Caribbean destination, there are plenty of places I can help you plan a trip to.

Between Hate, Hope, and Help: Haitians in the Dominican Republic

4. Your fears. Sometimes people have a tendency to place their fears on other people. You may mean well but they aren’t helpful to the person you’re supposedly trying to help. When it comes to traveling, moving to a new city, taking an Uber, quitting your job, exploring a new career, etc, sometimes it’s best if you just wish someone well instead of providing all the negative stories that have you stuck in your comfort. For every negative story about a foreign country, there are a million wonderful ones. For every failed relationship, there are a million happy marriages. Let people live!

5. “When They See Us”. I’ve seen this story. Black and brown people have lived this story for generations. While I firmly believe it should be required watching, black and brown people should not subject themselves to anymore trauma than we already are living. We see our children and fathers being wrongly convicted or incarcerated for far longer than white counterparts convicted of the same crimes. Our families grieve innocent loved ones murdered by law enforcement who are never convicted. We raise money to bury our children killed by the streets because the system failed them from birth. We live this pain daily. Whypipo, this series is for you. For you to understand how the system railroads our community and how power and privilege dictates the narrative on how our stories are told. This series is for you to have strong discussions with your family and friends. This wasn’t for us. It’s for you to get angry with us and fight for us.

So yeah, I wanted to comment on so many of your posts but, the reality is, I couldn’t. All I could do was shake my head or pump my fist in the air when one of you got it.. Like, “go girl! I see you!”

I cant promise I won’t get blocked again because I like using my voice on this platform. I don’t think any of the times I’ve been blocked were justified but, that’s part of the system. Those who tend to speak out for good are often silenced.

There’s a quote that people often send me when I stir things up: “Well-behaved women seldom make history”. I don’t plan to ever behave 😉