This is y’alls Summer!

Somewhere over the last year, you all saw somebody else’s pictures, talked about your vacation dreams, got your passports, saved up some money and said, “that’s it! I’m going to see this world”. And see it you’re doing.

As I scroll daily throughout Facebook and various forms of social media, I see people that I’ve never seen before traveling to places I know they never thought of going to in previous years. People are getting passport stamps to places even I’ve never thought of going. You make me smile with every picture you post, every road trip you take, every cloud you fly through.

Whenever I see someone traveling, I always think they’re going to return a much better person. That makes us all better. If not for others, for themselves. Because, when we go away and experience other people and cultures, we also get a chance to reflect on ourselves. There’s a quote I like to refer back to whenever I think of travel. It goes: “Travel Opens Your Heart, Broadens Your Mind and Fills Your Life With Stories to Tell.” That, in itself, tells a story of what travel should do to you, change you.

I see y’all going to Africa (any country), Mexico, the Caribbean, and driving across the country to lands unknown. I see you learning about others, all while discovering self.

This Summer, I’m living through all of you. If you haven’t noticed, I do most of my travel during off seasons. As I’ve told you before, I’m a budget traveler and my budget does not allow me to travel during these months of high travel season. (but I still get it in, okkk!) Either y’all jokers haven’t read anything I’ve written about budget traveling or I need to figure out how to increase my budget and get on your level.

But, I’m glad you’ve figured it out. I’m glad you are seeing the world and exposing your children and parents to places you’ve always deserved to see. I’m glad you have taken the time to go away and have time for yourself or with your loved one. Self care is very necessary and can often be found in travel. Wherever you’ve traveled lately, wherever you’re going, know that I see you and I’m proud of you. To Travel is to Live. Keep living!

For those of you who are still thinking of ways to travel or are just unsure whether you can do it or not, keep following for my next blog where I list ways you can travel on a budget and how to save when on vacation.

Happy Travels!