Death is inevitable. It is. Let’s face it, accept it and live as if it is not.

The loss of musical genius and activist, Prince, today has people questioning death. People question how can someone die so young, so seemingly full of life. 57 is young. How can a celebrity with seemingly all the financial resources to help him live succumb so soon?

Social media is plastered with “Gone too soon”…. What is too soon? I never understand that.

When innocent children are dying every single day either by the hands of others or by curable diseases, we’re supposed to believe that that is God’s work and he knows best but, when we lose an icon, they are “Gone too soon?”

Losing Prince hit me today also. His concert was by far the best one I’ve ever been to and those expensive ass seats at Essence Festival weren’t even close enough to see his sweat. I danced with fear of falling all night long and left feeling like every dime on my ticket statement was worth it. The man is a legend. An iconic genius. He’s the only man that can dress like a woman and make all us women want to take our clothes off. I miss him already as his social activism was becoming as iconic as his music history.

If you fear being “gone too soon,” then why don’t you start living? So many times people comment on others people’s vacation pictures about wishing they were there. Why aren’t you? People often mention wanting to do something, but never step outside of their comfort zone. Comfort turns into complacency and you’re stuck….looking at someone else’s pictures, wishing you were where they are.


What is holding you back from going on that vacation? From getting your passport?From packing up and moving to your dream location? From quitting your boring, repetitive job and taking a chance on YOU? From taking a chance on a relationship that may or may not last? What is keeping you from living your best, short, one time life to the fullest?  What if I told you there were more beaches in the U.S. other than Myrtle Beach?


When I die, I want my write up to say I took chances, lived, loved and never once thought about tomorrow’s limitations. Please don’t say my life was too short. I WILL love again (soon, maybe😜). I will move again. I WILL travel this world. Whatever time I have left, I guarantee you it will be lived and the evidence will be left in pictures……

“If there’s ever a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short and happiness is too rare” -A.R. Lucas


Rest easy Prince Rogers Nelson