As you lay out your Easter suits and prepare to pack the pews tomorrow, let me encourage you to stop the shenanigans before you even get started.

I’m not sure when celebrating Christ’s resurrection turned into a clown suit festival but I’m here to tell you to tone it down a little bit. Men, there are several ways you will look like a clown tomorrow. If you’re unsure if your Easter suit is suitable for 2016 or ready for the circus, let me help you out.

Do you look like a clown guide:

  1. Your suit jacket is longer than your pants pockets
  2. Your suit jacket comes to your knees (you are a certified clown)
  3. Your suit jacket comes to your ankles (turn around and go back home, you’re embarrassing suits and resurrected God is ashamed of you
  4. Your suit is tri colored
  5. Your suit, tie, socks and handkerchief are all different colors
  6. You’re a grown man, wearing a pastel suit. (You should NOT be in competition with little girls)
  7. While wearing any of the above suits, you have pinky rings and rings on other fingers. You’re not only a clown, you’re also the Easter pimp.
  8. People are constantly saying “I see you” “Boy, you’re sharp” or “Hot dog, you ain’t playing!” Let me tell you, they’re laughing at you inside.


People, stop giving these grown men confidence in something they need to be ashamed of. It is not cute to take attention from the babies (and Jesus) on Easter with their shiny, pinstriped, multi colored, oversized suits. It’s time you are honest with your friends, pastors, and spouses about how they really look….like clowns.


So, when you put on that suit in the morning, stand in front of your mirror, smile and say “This is it right here”, I’m here to tell you, it’s not. Take that suit off, put on some nice, fitting dress pants, a nice shirt and sweater and let the babies have their cute day back.

And best believe, when you post your pics tomorrow, I will certainly be using one of the new Facebook emojis. Which one is up to you 😂