When my girl, Kai told me she was writing a dating book, I knew I’d have some great insight, especially since she’s been on my speed dial for quite some time now, helping me navigate the dating messes I’ve been involved in.

When my book arrived, I was just getting out of a possibly abusive relationship. If anything, it was certainly dysfunctional. I spent the majority of the relationship settling for something that clearly went against any advice Kai had ever told me. So, when I received my copy, I spent some time reviewing the chapters and immediately put it down because I realized I’d have to face myself before I was ready to face some of my dating realities and start dating again.

By the time I picked the book back up, I was ready to embrace how to “Date Like a Woman.”

I was hesitant because one of the main clarifications emphasized is that this book is not for women who want to get married but instead, those who want to learn how to DATE. I WANT to get married so I wasn’t sure it was for me. But don’t you have to date first in order to get married? So, if I can master that, surely marriage could be a possibility, right? So Kai Nicole, I did not put the book down. I absolutely learned a few things along the way and began dating like a damn woman!

“Date Like a Woman” provides a woman’s perspective to dating in a world where people like Steve Harvey and Derrick Jaxn are telling us what we should do, how we should dress, and how to behave when they should probably spend time teaching men how to treat women (but that’s another blog). Kai Nicole uses her experience and dating “expertise” to help women navigate the seemingly complicated world of dating. She does not profess to be a dating professional but someone with experience and who perceives herself as a great “dater”.

From getting rid of your list, being honest about yourself, dating multiple men at once, compatibility, quitting husband “shopping”, and dating men you aren’t necessarily attracted to were all highlights from my reading.

When I started back dating, I took all these into account. I decided to go with the flow, not have any expectations, have fun. I also decided to be open. I put my phone down and decided to listen. I think I’m getting better at this dating thing. 

Kai Nicole should have finished this book months ago so I could have bounced when I saw those red flags. Thankfully I now have another experience to avoid in the future. And thanks to “Date Like a Woman” I look forward to dating better and despite a warning from the book, perhaps dating my future husband along the way.

Kai Nicole’s book, “Date Like A Woman” can be purchased at http://www.datelikeawoman.com

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