No matter how many times I fail at business, relationships and life decisions, the only thing that keeps me from giving up has been the biggest mistake I ever made, having my son.

The feeling of knowing someone depends on you so much is sometimes as difficult  as it is inspiring. There have been days I struggled to make the best decisions for myself personally but, when you have another human being who expects you to be strong and wise, it changes how you approach many situations.

I can’t imagine never having my son to remind me of my mistakes and hold me accountable for how I respond in tough times. I can’t imagine never experiencing this love. I can’t imagine never having someone that gives me so much strength that even when I want to give up on everything some days, I am reminded that my mistake was always God’s blessing for something else.

As another Mother’s Day is upon us, the many texts and phone calls I receive from so many of my son’s friends reiterates that, I may not be successful at many things but being a mother was my gift. The days of teammates, neighborhood friends and kids that often stayed for months at a time was my greatest joy and holds my greatest memories. People say a mother’s instinct is natural. For me, it was through practice and pain. I am grateful for both.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and may all of your experiences give you the strength you need.

And to everyone that was a part of this young mother’s village, WE thank you and we love you. Peace!