Who the hell made up the sayings “Don’t judge me by my past” or “My mistakes don’t define me?”

Uh, yes they do! And adding “Only God can judge me” or your shameless attempt to interject Christ into your attempt to not be judged has to stop. Let’s stop this.

People, take responsibility for your own foolishness. Is it that simple to add the words God, holy, Christ, church and all will be forgiven? We have to stop giving people religious passes when they continue to make the same mistakes over and over. When we do this, we are only enabling the person that continues to make the same mistakes.

Black people are quick to say “I’ll pray for you” or “God will get you through this” when in reality, if you’re stupid, even God gets tired of saving your ass. Yall stop doing this. Someone can wear an 8 piece, shiny suit every Sunday, post their love for Christ every week for likes, but if they are hiding behind the big, fat gold cross necklace, you cannot continue to pacify them with this religious talk. Pray for them, if you must. Just don’t allow prayer to excuse them. Some people need tough, real love. (Show them this if you can’t be that harsh)

Regardless of what you believe, there is a higher power that wants you to figure out your life, quit making excuses for your continued mistakes, and for once, accept your failures. You are not a bad person, but you surely aren’t good. Accept that. You take bad shortcuts in life. You deserve the consequences. You have been enabled your whole life by people who make excuses for you. Grow the hell up.

Families, it is one thing to protect your own. It is another to excuse your own. An 18-20 year old makes mistakes. That is part of figuring out who they are. Grown men and women need to quit excusing their behaviors as “mistakes.” No, they are now failures and you, my dear, are failing. Instead of just praying on it, how about not doing it again. K?!

If this applies to you, whatever situation you keep excusing, yes, you deserve to be judged by your past…Why? Because YOU have never left your past behind.