imageSeeing Beyoncé and her amazing dancers as strong imitations of women in the Black Power movement made me remember the time I dressed as Angela Davis and educated folks all night on who I was. More information lost in history that we all should know about…and not the media portion of the Black Panther Party

I’m such a small figure with a lot of opinions, experiences, and I’d like to think wisdom.

I am a product of a poor, rural town that lacked diversity, education and open minds. I am proud of what that town taught me…..To hurry up and gain some culture, get some education, and keep an open mind about everything. If I didn’t, I’d be constantly seeing everyone as “my friend” and passing time along thinking they truly cared about MY well being.

I became a product of a wonderful HBCU (Historically Black College and University) where I was taught to study and think outside the box. I was taught to work hard and be exceptional because I was already at a disadvantage. I was taught by a wonderful Professor, Dr. Jabs, to treat those less fortunate with compassion and dignity, no matter their race, religion, or gender. Dr. Jabs was a white man, instructing at a black university, telling me how to deal with something I had never experienced before, diversity.

Over the years, my experience as a mom to a black son has taught me to see things a lot different than those who quickly dismiss my rants and social media posts as racist, race baiting, and hate filled. You see, this is where I tell you to walk in the shoes of someone else for once in your life. This is also where I tell you to go to hell. However, I also want to educate you.

I am not naive to my history and ancestry. From the days I questioned the validity of that damn Christopher Columbus in elementary school to the time I wrote that slavery play in 5th grade and my teacher told me it was too graphic, I have never strayed from learning and trying to educate others on our TRUE history and current state of culture.

That makes people uncomfortable. I do not apologize for that. I do not apologize because you do not get to live in your bubble as if injustices and racism of my people do not still exist in this country. I do not apologize that my being proud and unapologetically black makes you uncomfortable.

You see, until you get angry that black sons are being murdered at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect us while proclaiming “I feared for my life” and suing our estates because OUR murders by their hands caused THEM trauma, you do not get to live comfortably.

Until you stop bringing a costumed Christopher Columbus to school and teach that this country was already inhabited and stolen from Indegenous people, you do not get to live comfortably.

Until you get angry that black women can literally be placed in jail for a parking ticket, dragged, muzzled, and strangled, then her autopsy reads she committed suicide, you do not get to live comfortably.

Until you decide that poisoning a city of poor minorities, leaving them to have inoperable brain damage and lifelong illnesses is not an injustice and attempt to rid an entire population that was thought would not have a voice, you do not get to live comfortably.

Until you admit that this country was built off the backs of my ancestors and we have NEVER been compensated for their labor…in fact, what they were compensated was stolen, until you can admit that there is NO equal playing field because of this injustice, you do not get to live comfortably.

Until you can include Black Lives in your ignorance of saying “All Lives Matter”, you do not get to live comfortably. Please, let us fight for us, seriously. We welcome your help.

You cannot call ME a racist without acknowledging the initial racism. You cannot tell me to “let it go” and at the same time choose to fight for your racist flag. You cannot tell me you support my voice, then go into another chat and support that same rhetoric. Please, don’t do me any favors.

Truth hurts. I don’t hide from it and I certainly won’t pacify feelings and behaviors. I see color. I want you to stop saying you don’t. We all do. We have to see color so that we can see where there is a difference. With that understanding, that’s where we move forward.

Without that understanding, I will not stay silent so you can stay comfortable!

#BlackGirlsRock #Liberation #BlackLivesMatter