It’s July 1 and we’re halfway through the year. (Obviously)

I created my vision board back in January because it was important for me to see my wants and desires. It was important for me to wake up every morning, remembering what the goals are. I must say, I’ve done amazing.

Not everyone continued on this journey with me. For whatever reason, new friends became old friends. Family confirmed I was on this journey alone. Ya know, this new life doesn’t consist of me worrying about others. My health won’t allow it.

Create a vision board so you can SEE your vision. Thinking you have it saved in your head just isn’t enough

“Be Amazing”… I am. I tell myself that every single day and it’s becoming more clear how amazing I am.

Reflecting on my vision board, I have checked off at least half the items so far. As I’m preparing to board another flight, with several more trips already planned throughout the year, the goal to travel more has become almost unbeleivable. The only way that was possible was to work more perfecting my craft. I have done that. My client list has expanded in ways I could not have imagined this time last year. I knew I had potential but at this rate, the sky truly is the limit. I planned to get a “new to me” car by October. I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase my favorite crossover car just a month ago. My savings has increased through guidance, education and discipline. I am co planning an event that will surely take my story to another level.  I am happy, determined, and focused. You can’t stop someone with this much confidence.

But what about you? We’re at the halfway mark. There’s no reason you should be where you were this time last year if that wasn’t a good place. Your dreams can become realities if you put them on paper and create a plan. We are too amazing to sit on our dreams.


So where am I headed now? I’m I fortunate to return to Essence Fest in New Orleans. Essence Fest is an annual festival where beautiful black people gather to empower, inspire and celebrate the culture that is Black Excellence.

I can’t wait to write about my experiences. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to put Essence Fest in your travel plans for next year.