Let me tell you, the difference between flying Coach and First/Business Class on an International flight is pure classism. It’s disrespectful. It’s shameful. It’s completely unfair and one shouldn’t have to decide to pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars more just to stay away from the peasants in Coach. 😂

Hunny! When I had the opportunity to fly Business Class to Morocco and avoid walking past all the rift raft squeezed into seats with no leg room, I put my nose in the air and waited for the flight attendant to serve me my first round of alcohol in a glass. A. Glass!

Look, I’ve been in First Class before. There was that one time I flew to New Orleans for Essence Festival when I found a round trip fare for $100. I drank far more than that ticket was worth but first class to New Orleans is embarrassing compared to the comfort and treatment received on an International flight.

I savored the moment, put my slippers on, reclined my seat into bed mode and waited for the five or six meal courses I was set to receive. I even sprayed my face several times with the facial mist they gave me just because I could.

I didn’t even put on my compression stockings that I brought to save me from Coach air pressure. Because the air pressure is different between Coach and Business Class.

It was as if no kids were on board because I didn’t hear a single rugrat and none were behind me to kick my seat undisciplined.

Um ma’am, can I get another glass of red wine?

It was as if the wine and alcohol served was different because I never got tipsy like I would have if I had drank it in Coach.

Or maybe it was the food that made the difference. We were served salmon, cheese and crackers, some other snooty stuff that I pretended to enjoy.

If heaven exists, you have to go through First Class to get there. I mean, it was better than sex. Better than March Madness. Better than…. Coach!

But then, reality hit. After my amazing two week vacation in Morocco and Ghana, I had no choice but to fly back home in Coach.

What do you mean you need to swipe my card for alcohol in a cup? I have to peel back the film on my food like everyone else? There’s a line for the bathroom and I don’t get slippers?

Y’all better hope I never come into a lot of money because being a peasant wore me plum out! I’m still battling with leg swelling and my back still hurts from that over 13hr flight. Not to mention the kid across from me that kept screaming.

I swear I wouldn’t have heard him in Business Class.

Peace! ✌🏽

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