True story: I have no idea how to love or receive love. I’ve spent decades chasing something I had never seen or understood.

However, while I could never be lucky enough to find love, I talked about it with my son so that he would know how to be the man his mother never met.

Today I celebrate love. My son’s.

Today I celebrate the fact that, his very adult decisions to become engaged to a beautiful soul who loves him as anyone deserves to be loved, is a testimony that he saw love where it never existed, at home.

I wish I was half the human my son turned out to be.

When he called and asked me what I thought about him “popping the question,” my immediate response was a bit of selfishness. I didn’t think about this life changing question as much as I was honored that he talked to me and I had the opportunity to listen.

You see, love isn’t enough to sustain any relationship. Not between a couple planning to get married or between a mother and child.

When we got off the phone, I wondered what this love was that he seemed to find so young and easily. Then I realized that, love always lived beyond words at our home in some way. That was enough to show him how to give and receive it in return.

Whether love comes at 25, 30, 50 or 70, it will come. Today I celebrate love. My son’s.

Congratulations to Chris and Elise and cheers to me finding love in theirs.