Anyone can create a baby. When two, healthy individuals lay down together in a moment of passion, the possible consequence of that is another human being.

What one does after that realization determines whether your title as mother or father is earned instead of just given through conception.

In my 27 years of earning the title of being mother to Chris, I realize you can’t take days off. Being a mother and raising a child, you don’t get the choice to sleep in or the option of calling out of work. You don’t get to be sick because someone else depends on you being well. You don’t get to skip out on cooking dinner because yours is not the only mouth that has to be fed.

You can’t always get those new shoes because your child not only needs new school shoes, they also need new sports sneakers and uniforms. You can’t always go out with your friends because, either your circle is so small you don’t have any, or you have to be home to get ready to drive to an early morning tournament.

While I was blessed to go off to college and leave my son with my parents for a few years, not being a mother was never an option. First day of school: I dressed him and put him on the bus. Halloween: I walked those neighborhoods. Easter: I hid those eggs. When the time came at the end of college, I rented that U-Haul to go get my son. Not being a mother was never an option. Period!

When you become a mother, you forget about yourself sometimes. You sometimes forget your own dreams because now you have even bigger dreams for your child. You sometimes forget to love yourself because someone else needs all the love you can give. You forget to rest because, resting means something won’t get done.

And you know, whether your child is 4, 16, 20, or 27, your child needs you at every stage of their lives to ensure their development and growth. When they’re sick or in trouble, you nurture them, then hold them accountable. You don’t get to show up as a parent when you’re ready. You don’t get to run in and save the day when all the years have already been saved.

As a mother, we do what is expected of us and more. No days off have never rang truer than when you become a mother as the job is never done. In my 27 years, I still dream of “calling out” and taking a rest. However, my son still needs me and I won’t rest until he can.

Happy Birthday my Love