About 3 months ago I made a comment about who America’s real Domestic Terrorists are and 30 days ago it came back to show me who is really in control of our Free Speech- the same demographic of people I spoke about in that post.

These last 30 days have brought me through lots of transformations with my personal life. Some highs, some lows, some, I’m still processing.

For a look inside what has happened to me this past month, what some of my thoughts were, or what I have actually been doing, keep reading. I’m going to list 10 of my top ten emotions, thoughts, or life changes.

  1. My girlfriend circle kept me together in more ways than one. I realized even more that family doesn’t have to be blood.
  2. Chile, I’m single….. again. It literally took me 3 days to process, 3 days of bottomless sangrias, and 3 days of natural sunlight to remember that my crooked smile was still one of the best things about me and that frowning just wasn’t an option.
  3. My client list continued to grow. Therefore, my bills are paid and I am forever grateful for all these blessings.
  4. Because of my painful Christmas last year (that I still haven’t been able to process), I planned a vacation to be out of the country for Christmas AND New Years and absolutely cannot wait. I’m happiest when I’m traveling so I can’t wait to forget Christmas past, while experiencing something new.
  5. Self care has been my priority and that has come in many forms- therapy sessions, writing, solo dinners, yoga, meditations, long walks, and whatever else that gives me energy.

Facebook Observations (because I could scroll but not comment):

  1. I tried that chicken sandwich from Popeye’s. Yeah, it was bangin’!
  2. I still highly doubt that copying and pasting something to Facebook just because someone else has copied and pasted it will get you any more blessings than not doing so
  3. Jay-Z irked my last nerves these last 30 days. I’m so glad I didn’t have access to post about him.
  4. I wish black and brown Americans received the same privileges and rights of white Americans. I also wish those who benefit from privilege would recognize they do so and use that to strengthen and uplift others. But, here we are.
  5. Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special was the absolute best. From the title, to the material, it definitely forces you to think. I, too, am not concerned about white America’s drug problem. Too many black and brown communities were laughed at and ignored when crack cocaine was put into our communities and broke up so many homes. We. Are. Still. Suffering.

While I couldn’t post daily on Facebook, I spent plenty of time writing personal stories through journaling and blogging. In my darkest days, I discovered self. I turned my anger into love. My pain into a process. Throughout the last 30 days, I may have been absent from the largest platform I have but it completely gave me an opportunity to be present in myself.

I’m sure I’ll eventually get suspended again because I don’t plan to ever be silent about issues that matter. I do, however, plan to spend more time expressing and encouraging self love. It’s the one thing we all can control. ❤️