In many of my travels, I’m sure you have seen me (or my travel friends) taking school supplies, books, or toys.

Well, if you’ve been following my journey to Africa (Nairobi and Tanzania), you may notice that I haven’t done any of that.

You see, this journey was more for me than for anyone else. This journey wasn’t about showing poverty and America’s idea of uncivilized people. America shows us enough of that.

My journey was about healing and educating myself and also showing you that there’s more to Africa than what we have seen on tv.

What I have seen are children running to buses, many carrying heavy books with no backpacks. I’ve seen mothers waiting outside of mansions, hoping to have work for the day. I’ve seen men carrying flashlights, walking to their jobs at 5am.

I’ve seen children playing while sharing bananas, families praying, entrepreneurs hustling, and work ethic that is unmatched back home.

On my visit, I’ve seen pride. Pride of a people that have had so much taken from them. Whether due to colonization or corruption, there’s a certain amount of resiliency that has empowered me to be better and work harder. I owe it to the ancestors to do so.

On my visit to Africa (Nairobi and Tanzania for all those “AFRikA is A CoNTINent” people), I see people that may  be struggling but, I know back home, we are as well. Therefore, we have no right to look down on a place we have taken so much from and still have our own issues of poverty, corruption, disease and violence.

So, while I didn’t travel to Africa to be any kind of savior, I guarantee, she saved me. Nairobi and Tanzania are only a portion of Africa. But, they are Africa… and she is beautiful! She is peaceful. She is genuine. She is love….

Hakuna Matata! Peace!