I told y’all earlier how I was able to make this trip happen. What I didn’t tell you was exactly what I paid for my flight in order to get the ball rolling with planning.

I literally booked my flight in December, less than three months ago when sometimes it could take over a year to plan a big trip. Me, nah, I usually find the flight deal, then plan the trip according to my budget at the time. Travel agent? What’s that? A year? Chile, the way my moods are set up, I’m lucky to have six months of consistency in my life.

So, for years I have been searching flight prices to the “Motherland.” I had finally settled on three places I would target as my starting countries to visit: Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. I crossed out South Africa when I decided I wanted to be surrounded by more melanin.

One day in December, I searched googleflights.com and low and behold, the deal of a lifetime came through for Kenya so that became my choice. Y’all, I purchased my flight for $521 on United Airlines. Not only did I get such an amazing deal but, I have another little secret that I used to make this trip happen.

While I do work my butt off, I have become a much more financially aware person. That being said, I could not just give up $500 on the drop of a dime like that. I still had a budget to stick to and I have learned that a vacation should never compromise responsibility. (damn, that hurt to say that)

So, what did I do? I took a screenshot of the deal, created an account with Airfordable.com and had them purchase my ticket on layaway. Layaway? Yep, layaway.

Airfordable.com is a black owned company that I have watched online for a while. Black owned? Yaaassssss!

I had no problem “laying away” this ticket, even though there was a fee to do so. The fee was extremely minimal (around $30) in comparison to how much I would have paid for the ticket in a normal situation.

From there, I made three bi-weekly payments until my payment was complete. At that point, the owners of Airfordable sent me my ticket and I was booked, ready to finalize the rest of the trip.

Along with how I previously told you I saved for this trip, I also secured my Airbnb accommodations immediately after doing my research and keeping my budget in tact. Easy peasy!

Also, we were fed so well on the flight, I think I made up at least $100 in food and unlimited alcohol alone.

And yes, whatever you’ve dreamed of doing, seeing or discovering, you, too, can and should make it happen, without compromising your responsibilities.

As I always say, life is short. I be damned if I’m gonna be on my death bed regretting something I’ve always wanted to do. If you need help with ideas, planning, or even inspiration, let me know.

If you ever decide to use Airfordable, feel free to use my code: https://www.airfordable.com/referred?referrer=5c11d7209ad740002a63cb28

Wanna try Airbnb for your next getaway, yep, there’s a code for that. Mine: https://www.airbnb.com/c/cherronl?currency=USD