This week I had a new client that was initially pretty rude to me. She was also rude to my assistant but in this business (Massage Therapist), I’ve learned not to take it personal. We never know what someone is going through when we encounter their emotions.

Anyway, we discussed her treatment and I left the room for her to get ready. When I returned, she sat up and apologized for her rudeness while I assured her I didn’t take it personally.

I touched her. She felt my warm spirit. She was at ease. (I speak of this spirit in my E-book “20 Questions About Massage” on Amazon)

She had tears in her eyes and confided in me that she was dying and just wanted to relax. She no longer wanted to focus on any of her muscular issues, she only wanted to have an hour to herself to rest.

Granting her wishes, I told her to let’s not talk about death, but of living. I expressed that in this moment, living is what she should be doing. Celebrating life.

As I was speaking this to her, I couldn’t help but flashback to just a few days ago when I had a health scare that terrified me. I wondered if I were going to die and if I did, had I lived enough?

You see, I tell everyone that there are two things I want before I die: to go to Africa and to be a wife. 🤷🏽‍♀️

At 2:00am, I woke up with sudden swelling and pain in an area that told me death was near. I couldn’t stop crying because of, not only the pain but, because while I’m visiting East Africa soon, I hadn’t been yet or became a wife. I was surely going to die before either of those happened.

I cried to my sister. My mother. They probably thought I was super dramatic but, I hadn’t lived and I was already scared of dying.

While waiting for the doctor, I went over my plans for my upcoming trip and said, no matter the results, I was going to go. I’d get treatment when I returned. If I died there, I would have died living.

Finally the doctor comes in. He’s shaken and extremely concerned for my amount of pain. In the most calm, nourishing voice, he assured me that Cancer didn’t hurt the way I was hurting. Whew.

I get another day to LIVE! 

I told that story to my client who also decided to live. I don’t know what it’s like to be faced with actual death but I do know what it’s like to be inspired by the thought of it.

In one hour, she reminded me how short life was. I reminded her how important it was.

I hope you are inspired to follow your dreams or desires and live every day as if it’s your last. To love. To laugh. To LIVE!


* In case you’re wondering: For now, I’m well. I will be seeing a specialist soon but I won’t waste a single moment anticipating death. I’ll keep living until I no longer can.