Oh hell, it’s a snowy day so I thought I’d ramble about this for a bit.

By now, wherever you are, you’ve probably seen those commercials for Carvana, a car company that advertises getting your new car from a vending machine. Sounds hilarious, I know.

It was, until I decided I wanted a new car and didn’t feel like dealing with anyone to purchase it. I literally logged onto the Carvana website, browsed around for a few weeks and compared the prices with several local dealerships that I knew my loan approval would successfully allow me to make my purchase.

A few years ago I purchased a Nissan Murano from a traditional dealership that turned out to be a lemon. Over the years, I have put more money into keeping the car on the road than I did making payments. They’d call me like “You’re blah blah behind, what card will you use to get caught up today?” I’d be like, “Dude, I just dropped another thousand getting this car fixed. I’m about to catch a flight so I’ll catch up with yall later.” Literally, I didn’t care.

Anywho, y’all don’t care about all that. You probably don’t care about this Carvana review but, somebody out there just saw a commercial and wondered if this was a real thing.

It is. I knew what kind of car I wanted. A simple, American-made car. I found my Ford Focus and was able to see 360* pictures of the interior and exterior. I read the Carfax. I was even able to play with the numbers to see how much I would pay monthly, as well as my interest rate.

I did all this without dealing with a single human being because, sometimes I don’t like humans and this worked well for me.

The only time I spoke to a human prior to receiving my car was when we had to do a three-way call to my bank to make sure I had the down payment in my account. And yesssss, because my money ain’t that funny anymore, I had my lil money sitting there, waiting for this purchase.

Carvana gives you an option to receive your car by delivery or to pick it up at one of the kiosks. I chose to Uber to the kiosk because, the commercials make it seem like an experience. It was.

I met with a nice employee at the kiosk, signed my paperwork, placed my token in the kiosk and received my car. Upon test driving it, I had one tiny complaint that the seats could have been cleaned better. Without hesitation, the employee assured me someone would contact me within 24hrs and help me take care of is. Sure enough, they did and within a week, I received a check to cover interior and exterior cleaning.

My experience with Carvana was perfect for someone like me. People order cars online all the time and don’t get a chance to test drive it or return it if there are any issues. Going to a traditional dealership creates anxiety for me so the Carvana experience took that away.

As with anything, do your own research. I hope my personal experience sheds a little light on any concerns you may have had on those commercials.

Oh, and while my credit is on par after my hard work and persistence this past year, Carvana is a great option for those of you who may have credit issues and need a reliable car. Good luck in your car search!