Because depression is real, I wanted to revisit this story in hopes of challenging others to check on their loved ones who may be struggling. Within this story, the message is even deeper. Enjoy


I woke up this morning with a 26 year old son. I’m not sure how that happened but I’m certain having him at 15 had a lot to do with it.

Chris is truly the glue that has held me together. Since the moment I loaded him into the moving truck kicking and screaming so that we could settle in Raleigh, NC, our struggle was one that was not well spoken but was heavily lived.

Raising a son when I was still trying to grow up myself had to be the toughest thing anyone could do. Trying to find mentors for him was even harder. I once had a friend who agreed to help me coach Chris’ basketball team so he could mentor him. On the day of the first game, he didn’t show up. He never showed up again.


So I was his role model, his mentor, his mother…

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