It’s exhausting to focus so much on all the injustices and discrimination my people face every day. It’s exhausting to even think about what has happened to this country by electing a sexist bigot who makes excuses for rapists and racists….

I could go on and on about this stuff daily but truth is, I’m exhausted. 

It’s not my job to explain things to everyone. 

I’m not obligated to debate ANYone about ANYthing. 

I don’t feel the need to help every cause or attend every function.

This shit isn’t healthy. 

You still don’t know which words to use appropriately and you still post fake stories without any thought. So nothing I have done on this platform has changed you. 

Instead, I think I have changed. 

Life is incredibly short. I cringe when I think about the time I’ve wasted being petty and condescending. Some necessary, other times not so much.

I’m not going anywhere. Instead, I just think that it’s time to be a little more productive before life passes me by and I miss it. 

Where is this coming from? Honestly, I found myself getting extremely pissed off with people during Aretha Franklin’s funeral and thinking about life with the subsequent high profile deaths that followed. I realized that judgement, ignorance or being stagnant in our thoughts   keeps us from growing. 

I don’t ever want to be so angry at others that it keeps me from growing. I don’t ever want to look at another person and feel that they are in my way of being the best that I can be because of their judgment. I don’t ever want to worry about “what if?” 

I have come a long way. I don’t take this life for granted. I don’t sugarcoat anything yet, I strive to make an impact in everyone I come in contact with…

So, in order to be the best me, I must do some self evaluation and self care. 

Forgive me for not posting everything that’s happening in the world as I have been accustomed to sharing with you. You are just as capable of doing your own research and studying. You also have a responsibility to do so for yourself. 

If you get nothing else from this rambling post, I hope you understand my emphasis that life is short. Eat the cake, take the trip and love YOURSELF before you put your energy into anyone else. 


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