I have been a Massage Therapist for over ten years now. I have navigated this industry like the Rockstar I am and have found success in many aspects. I haven’t nearly reached all of my potential but recently, I decided to create a brand that would help me stand out and provide coaching and support to other therapists.

Several therapists have gotten on board and received support through consultations and investing in coaching. Through this, my hope is that other therapists can experience success without all of the mistakes I made in the industry in my early years.

Recently, I decided to join a few massage groups in order to get some inspiration and learn from many of my peers. I only joined a few that were supposedly of more well established therapists because I was hoping they would have more insight on things I had questions about. I wanted them to have their own success stories and to be a place where I could learn more about their perspective businesses.

What I found in these groups were basic massage questions, white women who always had to be correct and silence other voices by trying to dominate the industry, endless debates, and the need to often log off before I said things that were unbecoming of what I associate with peace and massage therapy. I wanted a place to fuel my success and instead found myself becoming a “mean girl” spending hours going back and forth with people, wasting time and being extremely unproductive.

Now, while 90% of the sessions I do are full of political conversations that often get me worked up, I had decided a while back to not allow internet bullying or social media stress takeover my life. I had decided that I didn’t owe anyone any debate. If I disagree with you, I don’t have to explain myself. I. just. disagree.

But these groups are vicious. In an industry that society sees as calming and relaxing people, I found that many Massage Therapists have pent up anger and energy. It’s almost as if they are frustrated with how their success has been that they invest so much time bullying other therapists by using words/phrases like “that’s illegal” or “you need to check with the board” or simply telling people they can’t do something that they, themselves never figured out how to do successfully.

I wanted to find a place where ideals and methods could be shared without anyone forcing their position on anyone else. You know, a space where everyone could be successful.

Instead, I found myself in a place I didn’t belong and as of today, I removed myself to refocus on coaching and inspiring others. Competition is ugly. I’d rather collaborate instead.

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