By now you’ve all heard how ten year veteran NFL player, Vontae Davis, retired from the sport at halftime and never returned to the game. I guess you can sort of say he quit his job at halftime.

People are saying he let his team down. That he let his fans down. That so many that depended on him were let down by his “selfish” actions.

This man had given his body, mind and soul to a brutal sport for years, which eventually allowed him to play at the highest level, while feeding his family and entertaining us. One has to wonder how he felt all these years while trying to please others.

Like so many before him, when the body tells you, it’s time to walk away. In Vontae’s case, his mind eventually caught up with the weight of his body and it was no longer necessary to keep everyone else happy by putting on that uniform. It was finally apparent that he had to do what he felt was best for him and his immediate family.

So, at halftime, he put on his street clothes and abruptly retired. He retired from a sport that had given him so much but no longer filled his soul. He walked away.

No two week notice. No 30 day notice. No off season announcement. Vontae Davis was done.

Vontae Davis
Official statement on Twitter from Vontae Davis

I once worked at this gym that paid me pennies and required me to follow a script in order to get sales. At lunch one day I had cleaned out my desk and never returned. Like Vontae, I no longer wanted to be there.

While I have mostly given two week notices at jobs I have had, sometimes when I felt I could no longer grow or that I was being exhausted from being in a place that sucked the life out of me, I have walked out. At lunch. On a bathroom break. What I left with was dignity and peace, knowing it was time to move on.

How many of you go into a job day after day, unhappy and unfulfilled? Will going back the next day change anything or will you continue this routine of unfulfillment? How many of us are bold enough to stop living for others and finally walk away the way Vontae did?

Vontae Davis didn’t quit. He decided it was time to move on.

It starts NOW! Instead of repeating the same routine, unhappy and unmoved, change starts today. Whether a relationship, a job, or a destination. Be like Vontae and move on. Now.