Listen, the closer I get to Labor Day weekend and realize I forgot to plan anything, the more frustrated I become.

You see, about every three months I need a getaway in order to refresh my mind and give my hands some rest (from working as a Massage Therapist). I haven’t been anywhere since going to Belize in May and Paris in June and I’m feeling walls closing all over me. No, not Trump’s wall. A wall of chaos, that I desperately need to get away from.

What I don’t need is all of your little friends in my inbox trying to sell me a trip that they’ve never taken. If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely hate MLMs. Now adding MLMs to one of my favorite things to do and I’m just ready to explode into a mountain of curse words and frustrations.

Recently someone messaged me about being my travel agent and I asked them where they’ve been. They replied that they’ve been to Florida and would like to go to Jamaica soon. Read that again.

First of all, I’ve never used a travel agent for any of my travels. I went on a huge group trip before and have no plans to ever do that again. I have written in depth about how I travel on a budget, with unlimited fun. I don’t make plans far in advance because I may not like who I plan with by the time we travel. I don’t do touristy things so trying to sell me your brochure excursions are a waste of time.

You know, I just need to get away. I read this back to myself and I sound cranky. I’m really not. I just don’t like travel agents that don’t travel, trying to sell me their dreams.

* Heads to and Travel Pirates to try to plan an upcoming solo trip so I can calm down.


FYI, if you haven’t seen any previous posts of my travels, be sure to browse the website and get familiar with who I am. Happy Travels!