Same story, different day. A citizen gets brutalized by a member of the Law Enforcement community and we’re all arguing on social media about whether the victim deserved it or not. Because, even after watching a man go down while being pummeled by a punk in blue, people still want to ask “Well, what happened before the video started?”

Baltimore, you have enough problems. Arthur Williams was another one and you already knew it. You allowed him to continue to wear a badge and carry a gun after a history of antagonizing the current victim, Dashawn McGrier.

In this latest incident, I couldn’t help but notice Williams’ socks. Sure, that may seem irrelevant or be of little concern but, as a daughter of a man who served on the police force for 37 years, I couldn’t ignore the lack of respect given to this man’s uniform to start his day “serving and protecting.”



Like, where were your dark socks. Are there no dress codes? Shouldn’t there be higher standards?

This dude had on white athletic socks with a formal uniform.

I read online that Arthur Williams was a newly sworn in probationary officer when he had previously beaten McGrier in that earlier incident. The fact that McGrier chose not to even file a report against Williams back in June shows that many in the community already know what the outcome would be- zero accountability.


So here we are. Not even two months later and Williams is seen pouncing on McGrier with his socks on full display as if he has a rec league basketball game at the end of his shift. Two months after being sworn in and WIlliams has already ditched the dress code. This leads me to believe that either they are no longer teaching dress codes or Williams just didn’t give a fuck.

As a young girl, I can remember my dad carefully laying out his uniforms for the week after picking them up from the cleaners. I watched him shine his shoes and polish his belts and holsters. Dad always said that ‘if you looked the part, people will respect you. If you respect the people, in return, they will respect you.’

It starts in the beginning. Putting on that uniform should give you a sense of pride in self and serving your community. Arthur Williams never respected his position. He wanted power.

Time and time again, many Arthur Williams’ throw on a uniform after taking an oath that they don’t even believe in themselves. In the end, we have another citizen suffering in a hospital or being visited at the funeral home because someone chose to just not give a fuck about serving and protecting. They didn’t even care about their uniform.

Photo credit: CBS Baltimore, WJZ News Deshawn McGrier, in the hospital, recovering from being beaten, undefended by Arthur Williams, now resigned Officer.

* As mentioned, Cherron is the daughter of a retired Law Enforcement Officer. Seeing my dad prepare for work was the ultimate pride. Seeing him stay in shape, continue to train, and be involved in the lives of many people doing time in his jail also gave me a sense of pride and ability to respect others who may stray in society. My biggest questions when any of these incidents make the news is “What are the standards?” and “Is there any legitimate training these days?”

This problem isn’t black or white. It is society’s problem and how white supremacy is facilitated through the system, no matter who the officer is.