76 minutes. That’s how long emergency roadside assistance said that it would take for the towing company to get to me today. As someone who suffers from anxiety, every emotion possible went through my head.

I was on 495, heading home and my car decided it wanted to go night night. I drifted to get out of the lane but found myself in between the lane and where cars come off the ramp to get onto the highway.

The blows were immediate. If you ever want to piss off DMV drivers, break down in the middle of the highway and disrupt their lives.

There was a time when I would have broke down crying, wondering where I’d get the money for repairs. Another time I would have immediately called my dad and asked him what to do. Another time when I would have stuck my middle finger at anyone who blowed at me.

This time, I sat in the car and thought about a vacation. I told my friends in my group chat I was in the middle of the highway, laughing at our previous Cuba pictures. They immediately asked what I needed.

You know, I didn’t need anything. As cars bobbed and weaved to get past me, I felt a sense of comfort. In that moment, I knew I’d be ok. When you’ve been so lost as I have been before, sometimes comfort is all you need to realize you’ll be ok.

I sat and smiled. I tried to start my car again and miraculously, it started. I pulled off and canceled the tow truck. I’ll be taking my car in for service tomorrow but for now, I’m safe.

You should know: In the beginning, I did cry. I didn’t call my dad, he would have worried. I DID, however, stick my middle finger up at every single person who honked their horn at me!