1. YOU ain’t shit!

You know how the saying goes “You are the company you keep,” well, in this instance, when is the last time you’ve checked yourself? Many times we are so broken from our own life experiences, we seek companionship in someone who is also broken. Our energy flocks towards someone who needs the same attention we do, neither energy are positive for one another.

2. We want to be “Rescued”

Before we’ve had the chance to repair ourselves from our own dysfunction, we often seek a partner to save us from ourselves. Whether issues of financial responsibility, stabilization, inability to be alone, we often seek comfort in that person who masks all of our irresponsibility.

3. He’s just too “fine”

Our images of the perfect man is in a catalog or on television. Trying to duplicate an image of what we think our man should look like, constitutes an ain’t shit situation. If he spends more time preparing for a night out than you do, he may not be interested in impressing you. He may be more concerned about someone else’s eye. Find you a man that’s more focused on your beauty than he is impressing anyone other than you.

4. “Ride or Die” mentality

Why the hell would you want to ride or die for somebody? If they didn’t do the shit to get in their situations, you wouldn’t have to ride to see them in jail or risk death for them in their pursuits. Your mentality is all wrong. If he keeps putting you in situations that jeopardizes your safety, your family’s stability, or your ability to have peace, your relationship ain’t shit and you need to move on.

5. #1

All this falls on you. What do you want for yourself? If you think you deserve better, do better. Be a better person. Seek better guidance, assistance, and acquaintances who will help you seek your worth. If you don’t take care of you and prepare for what you ask for, prepare to continue dating “Ain’t shit” men. Just stop telling social media about it when we know where the problem resides.


Addendum: #1-5 may/may not have been related to my own personal experiences 😏