There, I said it. I feel better.

Seriously, every year we make these public promises to everyone whose opinions of us don’t really matter when the person we should be making promises to is ourselves.

We (you, not me) make resolutions to “be a better person in 2018”, to “not put up with anyone’s bs”, “to lose weight”, or whatever other lie that sounded good. In reality, being a better person starts with self evaluation and we need to evaluate why it matters to be acknowledged and validated by someone else.

Ask yourself, why do you put up with bs every year and repeat the same resolutions yearly? Maybe the problem isn’t other people, maybe it’s you. Maybe you need to figure out how to be by yourself and quit allowing others in your space to make you want to rid bs every year. Maybe the bs is your attitude, your personality, YOUR toxic space. Maybe you just need to get rid of the whole you and start over.

We all struggle with those few unwanted pounds or inches. Omg, I looked at my own fat ass in the mirror this weekend and wondered what happened. Truth is, I can make a resolution every year to get to the gym consistently, to do daily crunches, or to eat better but, until I’m actually ready to do all that, these pounds aren’t going anywhere. Instead of telling people that don’t matter what you want to do, step back and make sure you’re ready to do something for you. No one else should validate you.

Instead of making resolutions that seek approval from others, set realistic goals that can be achieved through self care. I’m sure if we take the time to reflect on our personal value and worth, everything else will fall in it’s place. Don’t spend 2018 faulting others for your shortcomings. Otherwise, we should just expect you to continue to copy and paste your struggles and lies in 2019.

Do better. Be better. You are better.