Let’s talk about this spa I visited yesterday where I pranced around ass out and was flipped around while I let someone scrub my naked limbs that left me breathless.

For two years I have wanted to visit Spa World in Centreville, VA for my birthday but articles like these prevented me from doing so: http://wjla.com/news/crime/court-documents-report-mistreatment-at-spa-world-in-virginia-104749

You see, as a massage professional, I take issue with anyone who disrespects or compromises the profession in any way. Say something negative or sexual and you’ll get a side eye from me. However, one of my trusted and well respected clients had recently visited so I got a bill of confidence to treat myself. And treat I did.

The $40 entrance fee got you a prison uniform to walk around the unisex areas in and use of the Bade Pool, Fitness center and Poultice room for 12 consecutive hours. For additional, you may make purchases at the snack bar or cafeteria or sign up for Massage or scrub sessions. Before going, I made myself an appointment for a 30 minute shiatsu massage.

There was no written procedure on what to do once you got that prison uniform. I walked into a locker room full of naked women so whyyyyyyy was I holding clothes? I stood there for 10 minutes just thinking until I finally decided to undress and go for it. (Go for what though?) I finally get the confidence to get naked and show my lady parts and here comes this lady with her 5 yr old looking son (SON) who decides to stare at me up and down. I wanna push him away but since his mama won’t tell him not to stare, I turn my cooch directly to them and ask her for some advice on what to do next. Seems that got him refocused on his mama’s parts instead of mine. These color coded parts must have enlightened him😂😂

Anywho, you can visit SpaWorld’s website for more details on their services but I wanted to give a first hand experience to help you decide to try it.

I showered (in the open) and got into the 91degree Bade pool with 10s of other women who were relaxed and confident in their bodies as we should be. While I still don’t like the idea of children being present, I understand that some things are cultural and in MY culture, that wouldn’t fly for so many reasons. There was just something weird about 5 year old boys playing with strange little girls naked in a kiddie pool, while a bunch of women are walking around ass and coochie out. However, if I had a teenage daughter, because of the beauty of all of our bodies, I would certainly bring her so that she see that beauty and learn to love her own……

There were Bade pools and wet saunas of varying degrees and I experienced each one of them several times. After a few hours, I made use of the Poultice room where I sat in various saunas, read my book, connected on Facebook, snacked on my lunch that I snuck in and purchased green tea. After three hours, I was feeling amazing and hadn’t even had my Massage yet. But that massage…AMAZING! 30 minutes felt like two hours so a shiatsu massage is highly recommended. But don’t let them con you into an additional tip which mine tried to do and made me think of that article above. I hope she’s getting paid. Damn.

I continued my experience by going back to the locker room, undressing and getting back in the Bade pools, having conversations with other women and just clearing my head. I noticed the scrub area where women were flipped around, scrubbed and massaged without a care in the world. I wanted that feeling. 😂😂 I went to sign up to get a scrub session and they had nothing available until 9:30. Y’all! I had been here since 1pm.

I repeated my cycles, used the gym at some point and when it came time to get my scrub and massage, I laid on that table like a limp doll. I have never felt so clean in my life! She said “face down, on your side, face up” and I flipped on command anticipating every ounce of my body being scrubbed and rinsed off. Halfway through she told me to go take another shower and return. I returned to her placing cucumbers on my face and pouring oil and warm milk (MILK) all over me while she massaged the hell out of my back and legs. I swear I wanted another session.


Yall, I was done. My spa day was absolutely liberating. My mind was clearer on this day than it is when I leave my weekly therapist. I celebrated me, my body, and the beauty of all of our natural selves. Speaking of natural, I’m totally going to stop shaving my cooch in the winter. 😂😂

I highly suggest anyone in the DMV area to visit Spa World. Visit their website at http://www.spaworldusa.com