November 4 marked the anniversary of the day Barack Obama became the first black man elected U.S President, defeating John McCain in 2008.

What an amazing day that was.

I don’t think I had slept in days leading up to the election. At the time, I was working full time and volunteering every single day on the campaign. I was also hosting a couple young ladies at my home who had traveled to NC to work on getting him elected. One of the ladies was from Guyana, who was doing her “gap year” traveling the US, working to get President Obama elected. I didn’t know who these ladies were until they both showed up on my doorstep. I believed in Barack Obama that much.

I also believed in him just as much when it was time to get him re-elected in 2012. So I worked. I campaigned, held voter registration drives, hosted debate parties, made phone calls, knocked on doors, donated money and worked just as hard for candidates down the ticket to try to get him some help in the White House. For those that don’t understand how the system works, we failed President Obama in 2012 by allowing the GOP to gain full control of the House and Senate, thus providing the power to block initiatives by our President.

Despite mass opposition, I wanted to point out a few of the many accomplishments since President Obama came into office on January 21, 2009:

1. Increased minority access to capital

2. Federal job applicants cannot be denied employment for having prior conviction

3. Veterans and their families offered in- state tuition rates at public colleges and universities in all 50 states

4. The economy continues to extend the longest streak of private-sector job growth

5. Unemployment rate continues to dip since 2008, currently under 5%.

6. Over 17 million Americans now  have healthcare thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which survived numerous challenges. The rate of Americans being uninsured is under 10%.

7. The legalization of same-sex marriage; removed DADT. Love is Love!

8.  Saved America’s auto industry

9.  Wall Street reform

10. Invested billions in clean energy

11. Worked to enhance fairness and efficiency in all phases of the criminal justice system, including signing the Fair Sentencing Act, the justice department launching the Smart on Crime Initiative, and the creation of the Task Force on 21st Century Policing. (See

for more actions from President Obama criminal justice initiatives)

There are far too many accomplishments for me to list. I encourage you to open the links I have provided and see them for yourself. It is important that we read and research for ourselves, without letting the hype of social media and biased television networks damage our way of thinking sensibly. And

The Obama family has been scandal free, shown great class, poise and patience with a country who has disrespected them at every chance.

President Obama’s two terms have shown us how far we have come with the economy, healthcare, international relations, our military, our climate and our youth. Yet, we have so far to go. On Tuesday, when we vote for our next leader, I hope we have voted the person who would least dismantle that progress and continue to find ways for us to be a better country.

If someone continues to tell us they will get rid of everything but never provide solutions or alternatives, we do not need them in control of our lives. I’m voting to protect President Obama’s legacy and I hope you will also.