Since I can’t be serious all the time, I couldn’t help but notice the most important thing about this weather when I walked out this morning…. Cuddle Buddy Season is here! Let’s all scream YES!

I’m not sure when we started calling comfy weather friends “Cuddle Buddy” but I’m sure Gabrielle Union’s BET “Being Mary Jane” character is responsible.

There is nothing better about 60 degree weather than wearing jeans, cute boots, wool fedoras and then settling down for the evening with a cup of rum cider, resting in the arms of your man of choice.

Omg, that just sounded amazing! If this isn’t your idea of a Fall day, I need to check your pulse because every normal woman just went to the bathroom after reading it……then they returned and scrolled through their phone, trying to decide who will be the ONE!

Ladies, be careful though. You need to decide right now whether you want them for a long time or just a season. With Winter around the corner, another Snowmagedden could have them stranded at your place longer than you anticipated. Don’t put that thang on them if you only need them through November. Don’t do it! However, if you know you can’t handle that snow pile up by yourself in January, you need to strategically work your magic, whatever that is.

Fellas, this wasn’t for Yall. We know you’ll be looking for thick’ems to stay warm by January so just be patient if no one has texted you by the time you finish reading this.