Ok seriously, what has happened with everyone begging for money on crowd funding campaigns like GoFundMe? I’m confused when it became ok to ask everyone else to fund things that should sensibly be taken care of by us, we the people?

Things I refuse to donate to:

  1. Your kid’s graduation responsibilities
  2. Your kid’s uniform requirements for his team, performance, or church play
  3. Your kid’s class trip to Washington, DC
  4. Your wedding that you’ve planned 2 years away
  5. Your class at the local college

If you think that’s all, you really aren’t following me. I refuse to donate to your shameless new wardrobe requests, your move out of your parent’s basement requests, your home down payment, your vacation needs, your grocery needs, etc etc etc.

I could go on and on because there are a hell of a lot of things I refuse to donate to when I believe people are perfectly capable of handling basic responsibilities. I mean, whatever happened to picking up the phone, asking family members to help with petty things?

Tell me, whatever happened to grinding your ass off to make sure whatever you NEEDED, was taken care of? What happened to working a few extra hours to get that extra money for something you knew was coming up? When did it become so easy to create a begging page to ask for things that you damn sure should be taking care of yourself.

I mean, did you not realize your kid was graduating? Do you really need to go on that trip? You didn’t understand how much travel ball costs?

I know, you’re sitting there saying “Cherron is such a bitch.” Maybe, but as a very single mother (not one who says she’s “single” while her husband is out of town for work), when my son needed something I wasn’t financially able to handle, I got another job. When that didn’t work, I worked more hours. When that wasn’t enough, I called my parents and when I got tired of calling them, I called family in Cleveland and they always came through. I also had a few friends that were true to their friendships and understood my struggle. (Side props to TDR, YR, and ES)

Now, now, I understand that not everyone has family they can call and ask for money. Everyone CAN apply for a second job. You CAN make daily adjustments to work on getting what you need/want.

There was a time when my son played on a travel soccer team. Not only were the initial fees over $500 but the monthly dues were almost $200. These dues didn’t cover a single hotel or gas fill up getting him back and forth. A few things I did: humbled myself and asked if there were any need scholarships and chose to drive through the night and sleep in our car to avoid two night hotel stays. Thank goodness my kid was good because he received every scholarship available and no one ever noticed how nonchalant we jumped out our car as if we had just gotten to the field.

Oh, and I shole sent my son around the neighborhood to ask if people needed any help with anything for some cash. Humble, willing to work. We not lazy!

All I’m saying is, humble yourself and make shit happen for your family. Stop being so quick to jump on the computer and ask everybody else to support you.

Now, I’m not the worst person in the world. There are a few things or causes I WILL donate to.

  1. Mission trips (I’m all about service. If you’re helping someone else, I want to help you).
  2. If your house burns up and you need emergency help, I will log on and send you my lil $20.
  3. Serious emergency funding. Because I understand that there truly are hard times. I don’t want kids to suffer in any way so I promise to do what I can, when I can.

Now, I stop real short of being bitch Cherron when it comes to funding your cousin Ray’s untimely death. Why? Because while I don’t want Ray’s kids to suffer, Ray should have gotten that life insurance policy while he was making $3k/week, selling drugs buying rims…..and why does it seem like there’s a GoFundMe page for every single death these days? What happened to folks putting money in the cards or sliding a lil bit to Big Mama?

Look, I need for us to be adults. I need for us to get our shit together and do grown folks stuff, like work! I need for us to reunite with our family and humble ourselves to reach out to them when we are in need. I need for us to prioritize our needs and wants and make shit happen!

PS. If I’m ever in an emergency situation and you read about it somewhere, just take some cash over to my parents and forget about this post, K?! Thanks in advance.