Snowmageddon on the DMV had me stuck to the couch for a few days. I went out to check out the snow around my car. Walked around asking a few people if they wanted to make some money and shovel my area…..All kinds of nopes!


The way my new life is set up, I decided to hop in an Uber and head to DC to hang out with a friend. So here I am, sitting in Busboys and Poets, people watching. Looking at people who just wanted to get out of the house. They didn’t get all dressed up to impress meaningless people. They don’t care who is watching them (including me). They are working on their laptops, sipping coffee, vibing to eclectic sounds and not really worrying about a thing.


Who are these people? I’m not used to these people. These people are part of the crowd I was kept away from because they weren’t of a particular demographic and fraternal connection.

Let me back up….did Yall read my previous posts? Ok, peep this:

When I moved to MD, I had sold my SUV (for a financial increase) and was driving a ’99 Subaru Outback. Man I love that Outback! My dad had bought it for my son but it was now mine. Anywho, I moved here and dude was like “my lady isn’t going to drive a ’99 car, you need something else.” Forget the fact that I had zero payments, a new job, a new relationship and we needed to be financially forward thinking in a city that was extremely more expensive than what I was used to. Go get a new car he said. I’ll pay half monthly he said.

You see, my head kind of fell the hell off for a second. I fell for that ish. I got my car that I completely didn’t want. I was so thankful when that first payment came and he came through with half. I was like, ok, he’s gonna take care of me. Only my daddy has ever taken care of me before. I can get with this.

By the time that second month came around, dude pulled into the driveway with a brand ass new SUV without discussing a thing. Why? Image. There were people that didn’t matter he needed to impress.

Remember when I said I lost myself? NC Cherron didn’t have anyone to impress. She floated to the beat of her own drum. NC Cherron was everything the people I am witnessing in Busboys and Poets are: carefree, fearless, and no desire to impress those who don’t matter. NC Cherron would have been out of this ish almost immediately. DMV Cherron refused to fail. Leaving and returning back to NC meant I had failed.

As I sit here in my 4th hour, laughing, telling my story to the people around me, and continuing vibing to the sounds, I am reminded to NEVER lose myself again. NEVER lose yourself to impress people that don’t matter.

Peace!……as I drive my ’99 Outback to work tomorrow, lost IN myself.