Why does Cherron ramble?

Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Cherron. I might be the most honest, loyal, hilariously misunderstood person. I decided to create a blog because I am constantly rambling on FB and my friends are always saying “Cherron, this isn’t the place. You need a blog.” So finally, my girl Veronica did a little research (that I was too lazy to do) and here I am, ready to make you laugh, cry, think, be inspired,  be angry, face yourself, cheer for others, and everything else that I randomly think to do for the day.

I won’t pretend to be an expert of anything. I have opinions just like the next person and that is just what they are, opinions. However, my life has been full of experiences that are so ridiculous, I can’t help but look back and laugh sometime. Teenage mother, college athlete, waitress, middle school teacher, gym consultant, high school coach, Patient Advocate, Orthopedic sales, tutor…..Some of the life experiences I have held, all while getting to where I am now- random thinker and amazing Massage Therapist.

I was recently released from my duties as a girlfriend after three years. My next few posts will entertain you about that. Why? Because it’s hilarious and I want to OWN my truth. I would like to use my experience to help someone else, all while also helping my damn self. When I tell you I went through it….The okey doke is real!

Eventually I will write in depth about teenage pregnancy. I want to speak about raising a son as a single mom. I would like to speak about dating as a single mom. I will speak on mental health, traveling, and there will be so many posts on just living and enjoying life.

I will curse. I may offend. I will OWN my words.

So, sit back and enjoy CherronRambles!


23 thoughts on “Why does Cherron ramble?

  1. I am SO excited to finally see this blog vision come to light. You have incredible knowledge, passion, and experience that will touch many (and probably offend even more). Keep talking, though. Your words are your power. Rock on, witcho bad self.


  2. I am so exciting for you to have a blog to voice your thoughts and feelings on a lot of things. Lol. People say You are not your past and I disagree. My past has made me the great person that I am!! Enjoy yourself. I will keep up with your stories. You might make me cry or laugh but never pissed off. Now Ramble on!!!


      1. Good for you!!! Your words and your experiences are just that…YOURS! No matter who they may offend, they can tune in to another station. :-). Love you girl…your blog is MY therapy!!!

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  3. I am so excited about your blog! I enjoy all your posts and I love and respect your honesty. Thanks you for sharing so many of your experiences….the good and the bad. Muah!


  4. I ABSOLUTELY love it. I enjoy your opinions & the way you encourage people to think. Although we don’t hang out together (except on FB) I can say that if there is ANYBODY that truly knows you, knows you are passionate about EVERYTHING & if we truly rock with you then we understand who you are & we can either take you or leave you. It will be NO surprise in which way you view most things. We just have to be open to WHAT you are saying & choose to agree with you, research the information on our own & try to see it from all angles, get some GREAT laughs on HOW you express yourself, & begin to learn from your thoughts. NEVER stop being you.

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    1. You put the right words in All Caps. That made your point very clear and I thank you for understanding me….(or maybe not sometimes) lol….But understanding how my mind works sometimes where others may not. Thanks for supporting and I will NEVER stop being me.


  5. I’m glad you found an outlet cuz. Say what you need to and f&$k what people think. We only have one life right.. I know we haven’t been that close but I got you if you need me.

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  6. Cuz I love you and I am proud of you! You keep pushing and making things happen. I get you and under you! I don’t Agee with all but I don’t disagree with all either but that how it is supposed to be. Keep doing you and expressing yourself. You may need to just write a book!!!! Lol love you and know I am here for you but you should know that !

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    1. I love when people understand and respect differences. We aren’t supposed to agree with everything about everybody. That’s fake. I love you because you have always supported me. Now stay tuned for more, it’s definitely coming!


  7. I am loving that you have started your own blog!! I love you on Facebook, however I feel that you need your own “story” page! I support you and will always love you and your story!!! There are times when you post things, I’m getting it personally for myself!! Love you, girl, and WOOOAAP to your emotional, personal, and spiritual growth!!! You know this red headed hippie loves you!!!

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    1. Ahahahaahahahah, you’re so amazing! Thank you for understanding me and understanding that it is never my intent to offend, only express (unless I say “this may offend”) lol….Stay tuned for future randomness and thanks for your support. Love ya girl!


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