Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Cherron. I might be the most honest, loyal, hilariously misunderstood person. I decided to create a blog because I am constantly rambling on FB and my friends are always saying “Cherron, this isn’t the place. You need a blog.” So finally, my girl Veronica did a little research (that I was too lazy to do) and here I am, ready to make you laugh, cry, think, be inspired,  be angry, face yourself, cheer for others, and everything else that I randomly think to do for the day.

I won’t pretend to be an expert of anything. I have opinions just like the next person and that is just what they are, opinions. However, my life has been full of experiences that are so ridiculous, I can’t help but look back and laugh sometime. Teenage mother, college athlete, waitress, middle school teacher, gym consultant, high school coach, Patient Advocate, Orthopedic sales, tutor…..Some of the life experiences I have held, all while getting to where I am now- random thinker and amazing Massage Therapist.

I was recently released from my duties as a girlfriend after three years. My next few posts will entertain you about that. Why? Because it’s hilarious and I want to OWN my truth. I would like to use my experience to help someone else, all while also helping my damn self. When I tell you I went through it….The okey doke is real!

Eventually I will write in depth about teenage pregnancy. I want to speak about raising a son as a single mom. I would like to speak about dating as a single mom. I will speak on mental health, traveling, and there will be so many posts on just living and enjoying life.

I will curse. I may offend. I will OWN my words.

So, sit back and enjoy CherronRambles!