So you ARE her?!

Bish who? Who am I? Who sentcha?

That was my response when someone knocked on my door (at my apartment) pretending to need my professional services a few days ago. See, I was contacted to do a massage and I couldn’t get to my office so I said you can come to my home. (I have done that a few times and she sounded genuine enough)

Yall, this person masqueraded as a potential client. Instead she was an imposter, dating my ex for ONE month, in town staying at his house.

Now, word on the street that he’s telling is that I’M crazy. Chile, I own every bit of my crazy. If I’m pushed to a certain point, I will go all crazy on yo arse! Now, he’s been dating this monkey look alike for ONE month and she’s already doing pop ups? Somebody better save him! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You know, if I was crazy, I would have spit the biggest spit anyone has ever done. Instead, she came for information. I gave her information.

She asked where was my 3 carat ring he bought me. She asked what happened to the car he bought me. She asked where was the couch I took. Bish, what are you smoking? Β She asked what I did with the $4,000 he gave me to move (because THAT’S why he’s broke). She said he says I tried to stab him…… Ok…ok…. Let’s take a break here. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ok, I’m like 3c ring, who me? He bought my car? $4k? Yall cut it out! Nowwww, I DID grab those scissors that one dark day on October. BUT, I’m more afraid of jail than I was mad at him. I told you, I’m very aware of my crazy.

Now, let me remind you. We broke up for good in October 2015. This new monkey is already doing pop ups at my house. She lucky those scissors were in the drawer this time and extremely lucky part of my therapy doesn’t include stabbing random hoes that fly from Louisianna to a man who she thinks can give her and her THREE kids a better life. Bish where?

Now let me back up a bit….and over several of my blogs I will eventually tell you more than I mean to. Hell, maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

Look, let me back up for real. My recent relationship lasted three long years. I moved everything I had from NC to MD and made his empty house a home. I ran that house like my grandma Helen did. I cooked and cleaned every day. I made coffee and breakfast for him on his way out the door and gave him his lunch bag in the other hand. I also worked and tried to build a business.

I sat patiently for him to come home while he entertained every Samantha, Ramona, and Monique that would entertain his ego. I sat patiently when money for bills went to purchase full tables at Brotherhood events. I sat patiently when bill money was spent buying Brotherhood tickets that should have been sold. I sat patiently when I purchased a new car and we got together a savings plan and one month later he came home with a new SUV (because it kept up his image). I sat patient because I forgot who I was……..




22 thoughts on “So you ARE her?!

      1. Girl you got to be shitting me. πŸ’© You sure you not dreaming and mistaking this for reality. Lawd I’m falling out.πŸ˜΄πŸ€”πŸ™€


  1. Girl!! You truly have some serious self control. I honestly don’t know how l would’ve reacted if the “new flavor of the month” would’ve shown up at my house acting like l-spy! I will say that l know how it feels to be at home waiting…for him to call, for him to show me some attention, praying he remembered my birthday, anything. After my divorce and l finally got up the courage to date again…l attracted and settled for every loser walking the streets in a suit. I’ve always had low self-esteem and these clowns made it worse. I thought that if they saw l had a career, nice home, my child had a father, l wasn’t needy, kept myself looking nice that l would be a prize to be with. I was the FOOL…took me years to realize those were the things that helped them to use me mentally, physically, and financially. I’ll admit l’m still learning me…


    1. Once I figured out SHE a was trying to play me, probably even checking to see how and where I was living, I said nah girl, don’t hit her. Play her game. I knew she was a fraud. I told her everything she thought she wanted to know. She didn’t want to know though. Like you, she’s recently divorced. She’s looking for anything walking. He’s amazing with his words. Hell, he got me. BUT, I didn’t find out who he was until I was already deep…and I was afraid to leave. As I said, I forgot who I was. We all do that sometimes. Once we discover who we are, we must demand our worth.
      She heard everything, then went back and believed him that I was lying. It didn’t matter all the documents and financial records I showed her. She needs someone to he,p her with her kids. He needs someone to pay HIS bills. We have to take care of ourselves first.

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      1. It’s not so.much that she didn’t believe u…she didn’t want to accept the proof u showed her… Accepting ur truth meant acknowledging he lied to her and she would have had to then make a choice regarding her relationship w him…she’d rather accept his lie as truth and hold on to her man.

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  2. So hopefully you blocked her number and be aware of this person( and what she drives) from now on when you leave or headed home. #stalkertendacies


  3. What I don’t get is that she had the nerve to call you the next day. Why did he bother telling her SO many lies, and why does she feel the need to go back and forth between you two. If she has to do ALL that, she REALLY needs to question why she’s with him. He’s messy, and she’s desperate.


    1. See, she thinks SHE is controlling things. He told her he contacted me to initiate a peaceful transfer of the rest of my property….anothe lie! Anywho, HE is also desperate because he needs help financially. He caused his own demise and treated me like ish in the process. Karma will get them both.


  4. I’m so incredibly confused as the why she felt the need to personally come to your home. Clearly she had the means and resources to call and get her questions answered. I would have and still would be pissed at that chick for having the audacity to question me bout anything. She probably thinks by doing that you know not to mess with her. Kudos to you for practicing self control cause I don’t know what I would have done.


    1. He had described me in such a way that she was bold enough to come see for herself. I was so calm and reasonable, she kept saying “you’re not crazy, why does he say that?” Bish, if all you’re worried about is me being crazy, it ain’t gonna happen!
      She questioned his money, I showed her proof of its nonexistence. The more she wanted to know about me or him, just made HER look crazy. She said over and over he didn’t want to be with her seriously, but she was pretty much already pulled in. Smdh…I might text the hell out of him today just to be petty! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  5. You definitely have more restraint than I. I commend you on that because I would have had a whole new crazy when she came to my door! AND would have charged that bih my hourly rate!

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    1. She wanted me to be crazy because HE said I was….He would have won and I want him to lose. 20yr old me would have immediately clocked her and kicked the shit out of her… 38yr old me gets on a blog and laughs about it. She thinks she has something, that’s funny in itself


      1. Understood. I can not believe that she had the audacity to come to your house. But that says that she was not convinced by his words, well not fully, because if you were that crazy, why would she feel safe coming there. I think she is having an internal battle and trying to justify to herself why she is with him

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      2. Chillllleeeee! She is certainly trying to justify her dumbarse flying from Louisiana to see this man that has filled her head up with nonsense. She put him down in so many ways about things she already noticed but she didn’t understand it. She wants to believe that I’m crazy. That I’m the reason we didn’t work. As I said, she’s desperate. If you saw her, you might understand. She has a stable career. He needs help with his bills. Perfect combination.


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